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Username: richyhenderson
Date/Time: Mon, August 20, 2001 at 3:39 AM GMT
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Subject: List of questioned names now over 500


My thanks to so many people sending in names they question as possibly false. I'd be grateful for any more. now lists over 400 of them and I've got over 100 more to put on (it's hard to keep up)

Assuming the real number grows to over double that (and beyond) that's an awful lot of $225 Afilias will have to pay to WIPO for challenges... we can monitor which ones get challenged.

It would be a whole lot simpler to implement the Domebase simple solution - face it!

I'm worried about the download time for the list of names, so tomorrow I'll try to put the names on separate pages per 100 or per major 'applicant'.

I'd like to try to reach 1000 by next weekend. Meanwhile I will send details of the list to Afilias, ICAAN, all registrars, press etc -and if you think you know anyone who'd find it helpful to take a look, just let them know.

Another interesting thing... generics from Turkey! What about all the other languages? It's unimaginable how many generic names have actually been claimed (improperly) as Trademarks, but I'd honestly guess the real number is nearer 10,000 than 1000.

Richy Henderson      


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