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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Mon, August 20, 2001 at 4:14 PM GMT
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Subject: Innocent Sunrise Squatters: What Can You Do?


                Dear Folks,

1. Carefully document what led you to register during Sunrise by mistake, whether it be active (e.g. e-mails encouraging Sunrise registration of generic words, registrars filling in bogus information, websites that say that trademark details are "optional")or passive (no request for trademark information, passive Sunrise registration).  No guarantees, but could help.  If I were you, I sure would do my best to document that I did not intentionally submit counterfeit trademark information to secure goods and services.

2. Contact your registrar and Afilias, including documention and/or explanation, and ask to have the registration cancelled immediately. If you wish, you may copy ICANN on e-mails.  You may also copy me at if you wish.  Even if your registration is not cancelled, this: may help to document that the Sunrise Registration was not intentional on your part; and may help to focus future action on other parties.  As I get more examples of this sort of thing, I will be better able to advocate giving innocent Sunrise registrants the opportunity to cancel their registrations.

3.  Advocate for the DomeBase proposal.  If adopted, your mistaken Sunrise Registration will not harm LandRushers (anywhere near as much) and thus there is less cause for action against you. 

4. Take heart that you have done the right thing. 



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