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Username: jlconnors
Date/Time: Tue, August 21, 2001 at 6:53 AM GMT
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Subject: Afilias's Sunrise Disaster


Afilias has been shown that their sunrise method has been a total disaster in full public yet the most they can offer is a pathetic we'll fix it at christmas? This is a disgusting abuse of the public. Many hundreds of sunrise registrations have been shown to be false with potentially thousands more to surface. Many registrars encouraged their registrants to register names in the sunrise even though they had no trademarks. Some of the registrars participated themselves with fake registrations like and possibly yesnic and a few others.  People have thought long and hard about solutions to this mess created by someone who obviously needs to be fired immediately. What a sunrise disaster! But afilias compounds the initial stupidity behind the idea of a sunrise that doesn't check all tms or doesn't come after a landrush by not taking decisive action. They say, oh we will fix it later after everybody spends their money to challenge. This is totally laughable. If you are gonna check them at all, why not check them in the first place? 

The time to deal with afilias is over. They have been handed on a silver platter fraudulent registrars, fraudulent registrations, solutions to the problem and all they can offer to honest people who have spent tons of money to preregister at landrush is wait till christmas. Wait for what? So you can do it again? Doesn't afilias realize that hundreds of thousands of people have lost money due to their ineptitude? Sure, preregistering is a risk but we lose our chance because of preventable fraud?

Talk about public relations disasters. This one is going to be studied.

We need to write congress and we need to speak with the reporters.


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