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Username: richyhenderson
Date/Time: Tue, August 21, 2001 at 7:27 PM GMT
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Subject: Spy Productions


         I'd like to ask a question about Spy Productions. As many of you know, I am sifting through 100's of names being e-mailed into me before placing them on my website

A quick sift through my site will reveal a wide variation of "invented" Trademark numbers. However, when you get to the many generic (and highly improbable) Trademark names registered through Spy Productions, the vast majority have an identical date (1995-06-06).

Moreover, all the (different) trademark numbers are strikingly similar to one another. Take a look and see! Unlike any other claimants on the list from the rest of the world, they all start with the same 2 or 3 figures, and sometimes the same 5 figures, presumably to make them look like they all got registered at that same date.

Now I've heard it argued that repeat dates are down to a 'default' or a technical glitch. If that was so, the Trademark numbers would be wildly different to reflect all the wide range of years. They'd be wildly different anyway, because everywhere else, individuals have invented wildly different numbers! In contrast the Spy Production numbers are uniformly consistent from multiple applicants.

But it seems possible to me (look for yourself) that some ONE individual has invented all these closely-similar numbers for all these different customers.

This suggests either registrar-level insertion, or an individual posing as many individuals.

But note: the staff employee himself, Lars Hindley - who appears as Spy Production's Tech contact in all the registrations and on their website as "the full-time employee"- has also applied for names using exactly the same number system. In other words, he is consistent to whoever has 'matched' all the other consistent numbers. (Which tends to rule out an individual from outside the organisation?) Not only that, but he is billed for other people sometimes (eg and

His application for has the fairly flukily numbered TM: 13812345 - but there you go, numbers happen like that sometimes. Nevertheless, it is within the same consistent number pattern which appears NOWHERE else in my list of over 500 names from other registrars.

Now what I'm really asking is: who runs Spy Productions? And will ICAAN or Afilias act with regard to their accreditation BEFORE the Landrush phase, if it turns out they have been mass-registering Sunrise names with invented numbers (which would be deception and fraud, wouldn't it?). I'm not saying they have. I don't know.

This message is not meant to be an outright accusation. But I'm saying: are there enough issues here to raise serious questioning and investigation?

Thank you for your attention.

Richy Henderson          


Link: List of Trademark 'claims'

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