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Username: richyhenderson
Date/Time: Tue, August 21, 2001 at 10:00 PM GMT
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Subject: Who put the numbers in?


I see now that the answer to my own question is in the posting from "Nishtarian" on Monday, where he (Tariq Ghafoor) says that he provided no numbers, saying he "NEVER submitted any information regarding trademarks (trademark name, number, date, etc)"... and yet there the numbers are, on the claims sent by Spy Productions registrars. So what I'd like to know is: Where did the numbers come from? Where did the similar numbers come from when Spy Production's Lars Hindley submitted his own claim for And where did scores of other numbers in the same consistent scheme come from, in the claims apparently made by many other individuals?

Will ICANN ensure AFILIAS ensure TUCOWS ensure "Spy Productions" is investigated please?

Will Afilias please investigate this case before accepting a single application through Spy Productions in the Landrush?

If Spy Productions are innocent of wrong-doing (which I affirm that they could be) what have they got to say?

The only just resolution of this whole mess is the Domebase/Simple Solution: 1. Make all names available at Landrush. 2. Where a name is blocked because of a Sunrise application, a randomised Landrush applicant is made 'reserve'. 3. Any names successfuly challenged go directly to the Landrush applicant at the end of the Challenge period.

Richy Henderson


Link: List of 500 Sunrise names

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