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Username: richyhenderson
Date/Time: Wed, August 22, 2001 at 2:29 AM GMT
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Subject: Lars from Spy Productions


The names listed on my website are simply ones some people say they would like to investigate, so that any uncertainty about authenticity can be dispelled.

Lars just e-mailed me from Spy Productions, asking me to remove from the list of names on

I have taken him at his word, that it is a genuine Trademarked name, and removed it from the list on trust. What I don't quite understand is that he didn't ask me to remove the other name he registered through his own company :

I've asked him to confirm that all the details on the WHOIS, including the TM number, are accurate and correct - so I can feel happy about removing that name as well

The whole point about my site is that honest people have nothing to hide because the truth is the truth, and people with genuine Trademarks know there is a process to protect them.

So I invite Lars of Spy Productions to confirm to this forum that the details he submitted for are all correct.

He might also like to inform the forum: who provided the TM numbers for the other 40 generic names claimed through Spy Productions that I've listed (presumably there are many more)?

This case is now in the hands of ICANN, Afilias and Tucows. I hope the truth is that each of those individuals who registered through Lars/Spy Productions submitted their own GENUINE TM number themselves.

If that turns out to be the proven truth, they should each be very happy indeed, because they stand to get great domains! If there's nothing to hide, then just say so, and we can all rejoice in the truth.

I am planning to e-mail 100s of Sunrise applicants in 24 hours time to ask them to surrender their claims (if they are wrong) so that Afilias can do the right thing and delete them.

At the very least, if they surrender before Landrush, this will make Afilias and not them, the party who are responsible to answer any charges (unless Afilias do the obvious thing and delete ineligible claims at once).

In the same spirit of openness and truth, I look forward to hearing from Lars about

Just tell the truth!

Confirm that the claim is accurate and honest and correct!

Thank you        


Link: List of Sunrise names now over 500

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