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Username: Nishtarian
Date/Time: Wed, August 22, 2001 at 3:21 AM GMT
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Subject: Icann and Afilias are probably...................


        waiting and praying for this thing to die down. If the pressure keeps up and especially if it gets more intense they may come up with another remedy but they rather not.

Lets face it, vast majority of the protests and calls for action are coming from the folks who'd invested heavily in the landrush pre-registrations and these folks are commonly called "speculators". I personally don't have any problems with this (since I am one of them and in my view this is a distinctly different group from "cybersquatters") but the fact is that many "authorities" and "ordinary folks" don't carry much sympathy for this group and it's activities and often consider them in the same league as cybersquatters (which in my opinion is a gross misunderstanding).

Anyway, the point is that although I see a lot of activity on this particular site the subject is unfortunately quietening down in other popular domain-related forums such as and Afternic as well as internet-related news sites. I'm afraid that this "quietening" will grow after the sunrise period is over in about a week. And, this is exactly what Icann and Afilias are hoping and waiting for. Besides this forum, the most influential step so far has been the creation of the it provides a very powerful visual image of the extent of Afilias's incompetency and messup. I congratulate Richard Hendersen for this and hope that it pays off.

Finally, I'd opine that short of some sort of legal action, there is probably not much hope that Icann and Afilias would have much incentive to correct their wrongs. I'm not sure how practical is a legal challenge and what are the chances of it's success at this point in time; may be folks like Gary Korn have a more informed take on this...One thing is for sure and that is....This mess is going to be around for quite some time now and only time will tell how many of us who have "lives other than this" can perservere to hang in there...

BEST OF LUCK FOLKS...I TRULY SUPPORT THIS EFFORT AND WHOLE HEARTEDLY WISH FOR ITS SUCCESS (although some may see me as part of the problem since my own name is on the "culprit" list !!!!)


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