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Username: fred48
Date/Time: Wed, August 22, 2001 at 3:32 AM GMT
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Subject: Take a look at this!


Take a look at this email a few angry registrants have
sent me. If this isn't blatant encouragement of fraud,
I don't know what is. From what I understand by
reading an earlier post, the head of this registrar
submitted bad applications too. In fact, you will find
countless fake trademark applications sent in by this
registrar, registrar 5007-TU. From the confidence
expressed in the following email, you have to wonder
how involved Afilias is in all
this with encouraging fraud themselves:


If you hold an Advance Request through SpyProductions
for a .info domain name, it is important that you read
this e-mail.

The time has come everyone, SpyProductions is making
good on its promise to register .info domains at the
earliest possible time: that time is next Wednesday
July 25th !

  To verify you have requested a .info domain with us,
use the search feature at our Domain Name Center:  Enter the names
you requested and click on them as they display on the
results screen.
Spy shuts down the queue on Monday night for final
prep of the database Tuesday, and registrations begin
For large orders requiring pre-payment we will hold
your money on deposit and refund the unused amount.
Both SpyProductions and you must sign our .info
sunrise agreement before a large order will be
processed. This is to protect you and SpyProductions.
Our staff is rushing to complete all calls to large
order customers by Friday.  If you have invalid
information in your domain request records, your order
is in jeopardy of not being completed. 
Why not! Did you know that during land rush your
odds of getting any of your names is less than 5% with
any registrar!  However during sunrise your odds
through SpyProductions is as high as 80%.  Why?
Because the registry is not policing sunrise
registrations.  They have instituted a plan to allow
challenges after a registration but those challenges
will only be upheld for two reasons:
       -One if you register a trade marked name,
       -Two if you register a name with no intent to
use it. 
  To safeguard against the second potential challenge,
we IMPLORE you to put up an “under construction” page
for any domain(s) you successfully register.  This
protects you from that type of challenge, unless
somehow you are challenged as a speculator.
Furthermore, a challenge will cost the would-be
challenger $295.00.  That cost alone will discourage
virtually all challenges, especially when the
challenger doesn’t have a trademark!   
  You must ask yourself: Is it worth $105.00 to
register and another $220.00 if challenged? 
  The answer is clear when you weigh it against not
having the name at all.  Because you can bet at
landrush the name will be gone, or you will be left
with only a 5% chance of success in obtaining your
  SpyProductions is making good on its promise to
register domains at the earliest possible moment.
That time is sunrise.  Remember anyone can register at
sunrise.  The people that should definitely NOT
register at sunrise are those that want to register a
name with a trademark.    If you have any reason
whatsoever to believe that your desired name(s) is
trademarked, then contact
to remove those names from sunrise. 
  To learn more about Afilias rules on challenges see
this web page:



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