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Username: fred48
Date/Time: Wed, August 22, 2001 at 4:35 AM GMT
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Subject: Here is another email some have sent me


SpyProductions needs to clarify the .info launch.
As stated in our Wednesday announcement if someone challenges a  .info
registration you make that is not in fact Trademarked, you will lose it. There would be no reason for you to pay the $220
defense fee.  Why pay $220to defend if you know you don’t have a trademark. Your total cash liability is $100, the cost of the 5 year registration.
Some have asked us what the legal implications are.
Yes, if someone wantsto take legal action they can, but why?  Keep in mind there is little motivation to pay an attorney to sue anyone for
registering a domain that is lost in challenge.  There is no real actionable offense here.

More importantly, a challenger cannot take your domain
from you.  A challenger can only have your domain sent back to the
domain pool.  Onceagain, this means a challenger has little reason to
challenge other than on principal and if they have expendable income to the tune of $295 per challenge.  Would you challenge a non-trademark holder for $295 just so  they can no longer own

Our only hypothetical situation that fits would be if
you registered a name important to big industry, like  If they challenged you, you would loose as this name cannot be trademarked and
you wouldnt own one.  The name would be returned to the
domain pool.  However we think that an industry phone company would rather broker a deal with
you as opposed to have the name sent back to the pool and
risk some other entity
being more obstinate.  And sooner or later our
hypothetical industry phone
company would have to broker a deal with someone.

So as you can see, the challenge phase can affect you
but hardly in a way that will create an undue burden on your life.  In the end you must
decide what is best for you.

Most customers have opted to leave almost all their
.info request in  the sunrise.  Some have moved some to landrush and dropped even less.

If you don’t want to risk a credit card issue such as
card processor being down during your registration on Wednesday, you
can opt to join
bulk list even if your order is as few as one domain.
This ensures you
your order will be processed.  Contact us at 302.369.3060 to arrange
it.  We will take pre-payment and tag your order to be
automatically processed  with
our bulk queue.

Here are the timelines for .info registrations.

July 25th - 31st Applications sent from registrars to

August 1st that bundle is processed. They are
processed round robin
name per registrar at a time) and each round is
randomized. So for
the first round we could be 1st and the next round 8th
and the next
4th etc ...from round to round it goes until all
domains applications
processed from all registrars.

August 1st - 4th that batch is processed on August
5th. Same process

August 5th - 7th that batch is processed on August
7th. Same process

August 8th - 10th that batch is processed on August
11th.  Same
as above.

On August 15th the system goes real-time first come
first serve with
unorthodox way for each registry to WHOIS what is
available. We can’t
it now but suffice it to say, it is not going to be a
response on
actual availability of any name searched.

Customers have asked us, “How will I know my
registration has been
completed?”  A confirmation will be sent out for each
registration to the e-mail you selected to be your
listed ‘admin
Refunds on deposits will be processed after each batch
is completed. 
If you
pre-paid (deposit) by wire transfer, we will mail a
check. If you paid
credit card, we can refund by check or return the
money to your card. 
the $5 application fee is non-refundable.

Remember anyone can register at sunrise.  Do not
register a domain that holds a trademark if you are NOT the trademark holder. If you have any reason whatsoever to believe that your desired name(s) is trademarked,
then contact to remove those names from sunrise.

To make changes to your order, you must e-mail or callus right
away.  Ifour phones are busy we will quickly return your call.

To learn more about Afilias’ rules on challenges see
this web page:

One last note: Wednesday there will be a single
search box on the
site to register domains independently of our
automated Advance Request
system.  Feel free to come back and use it for single

Thanks to all for your patience with our recent
repeated e-mails.
However we know it is imperative our customers all know the
details of these historic domain launches. There is a lot of hype and
disinformation going around. Our updates are solid and assuredly accurate.

The SpyProductions Team





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