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Username: dtobias
Date/Time: Wed, August 22, 2001 at 6:22 PM GMT
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Subject: It's not really as bad as you say...


I certainly have plenty of criticisms of ICANN and Afilias, but the sky isn't always falling when people on this message board say so, and things aren't always as terrible as people make them out to be by extrapolating the terms of the agreements.

In this case, though the agreement does indeed permit Afilias to reserve up to 10,000 names for themselves (divided between names that belong to the registry function and names belonging to Afilias itself), it also requires these names to be itemized in Appendix X of the agreement, and requires written notice for any changes to this appendix.  At present, the version in effect of this appendix (see link below) lists only 150 names in all, a far cry from 10,000.
Any additions to this list will have to go through ICANN approval and will be posted publicly just like the present appendix is, and will most likely take place after the sunrise and landrush periods are complete (and hence won't be able to grab any more names ahead of the public).

Thus, this isn't really the big problem it's made out to be; we should focus on the many true problems with the new TLD startup procedures, rather than making up new ones that don't exist.  (However, it would be a good idea to keep an eye on Appendix X of each of the TLD agreements to spot any additions the registries might try to make in the future.)


Link: Appendix X of agreement

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