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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Fri, August 24, 2001 at 9:39 AM GMT
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Dear Vint and Hal,

One week ago, Friday 17 August, I emailed you both expressing my
disappointment at the scale of the cybersquatting evident in the .info
Sunrise phase and the affects on Landrush applicants of this fraud and
the proposed Afilias solution to release fraudulently registered names
after a purging of fraudulent registrations, after the Landrush phase.

In that mail I said that I felt that Afilias and ICANN must bear the
blame for what had occurred, effectively institutionalised
cybersquatting, and that if the Afilias management had not the will to
fulfill Afilias's ethical obligations to the Landrush applicants, then
ICANN must step in.

I said that Afilias had seemingly forgotten the Landrush applicants who in good faith had purchased their contracts with Afilias approved
registrars for a chance to win prized names that had not been claimed by those with IP rights in the Sunrise phase.

I asked you to to waste no time in producing an Afilias announcement
addressing the concerns and interests of the Landrush applicants.

I concluded that mail with the request that you both acknowledge receipt of my mail and that you each advise me what you were doing personally to fulfill the reasonable expectations of the Landrush applicants.

A week has passed, Afilias on August 23 has made another public
announcement without use of the terms "Landrush "or" Landrush
applicants", and continues to seek business for the .info registry or
register which you have permitted to be hijacked by those prepared to
lie about their intellectual property rights to specific words/names
during the period that  Afilias's own .info Roll-out Schedule terms "an exclusive period of time for trademark and service mark holders to
register their marks..."

I have not yet changed my mind about your being honest and honorable
men, as an equitable solution is still available, as Landrush is still
two weeks away - however, your tardiness in regard to my emailed request indicates that you are both short on common courtesy.

I again provide you with the opportunity to reply to my mail and to
advise me what each of you is doing in regard to the reasonable
expectations of the Landrush applicants for a level playing field and a fair shake.

This mail, unlike my first, will appear in public fora.

Yours sincerely,

John Byth


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