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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Fri, August 24, 2001 at 11:56 AM GMT
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Subject: Address Concern by Replacing Lock-Out With Warning


                        The concern is that potential Land Rush pre-applicants for names taken in Sunrise Period that may be released due to challenge are locked out of pre-registration (for some registrars?). 

This can be corrected by replacing the lock out with a warning --

"This name has already been registered in the Sunrise Period.  The Land Rush winner will not win this name -- but will win the rights to (1) get the name if successfully challenged by Afilias and available at the end of the Sunrise challenge period or (2) to challenge a non-trademarked name at the end of the Sunrise period and get it.  If you still want to register this name for a chance to win these rights, please continue."

There is precedent for this type of "message" approach.  (1) once just told you that a name was already registered, now it gives you an option to send bid to owner if you wish (even though registration not available).  (2) As I understand it, .BIZ does not lock out TM names, but rather warns people with a message that TM has been claimed and gives then option to continue.

The DomeBase Proposal will be revised to include this.  Comments welcome.




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