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Username: richyhenderson
Date/Time: Fri, August 24, 2001 at 12:24 AM GMT
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Subject: I'm going to publish the book of these events


I've decided to write a book about the whole .info roll-out because it really does make a fascinating story, and because people involved at all levels of this affair need to to be held accountable and need to be able to express their views.

To this end, I have so far been saving all correspondence, postings in fora, and details on registrars websites. Can I encourage everybody with an interest in this to do the same? Save your correspondence and any interesting information.

To date I have some interesting letters from individuals inside ICANN, some letters from two employees inside Afilias, a confession from a registrar about his deliberate invention of Trademarks to get extra business "because it was obvious everyone else was doing it", evidence from websites that registrars have invited non-Trademark holders to apply at Sunrise, some very intriguing e-mails from some of the Board of Afilias, and a confession from one of the leading fraudulent claimants.

What I will also be seeking is graphic detail of how this process has harmed Landrush applicants, examples of money and time lost, and copies of their mailings to Afilias with details of the responses given (or not given).

I have additional evidence of certain collaborations which deserve to be published and placed in the public domain.

I'm not trying to hijack this affair, so if someone else is thinking of writing a similar book, please feel free to get in touch. However I am a published novelist here in the UK with plenty of experience of how to put these things together, and a brother in publishing who will get it produced.

I hope lessons can be learned from this affair. As things stand, a great injustice has occurred. It remains to be seen whether Afilias will take action to put that right. If they don't, OK, but posterity will read all about it.  


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