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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Fri, August 24, 2001 at 12:39 AM GMT
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Subject: but at what a price to the .info Landrushers


Paul, I like your positive perspective - yes ICANN and whichever registry in the future, will not be able to fleece the public again in the way ICANN and Afilias appear to be doing with .info - with the lame excuse that the .XYZ launch was always going to be a trial from which they would learn a lot.

But thinking of parallels - what do you make of an aerospace manufacturer that puts fare paying passengers on the first test flight of a new craft which crashes and burns - then makes statements to the press (without reference to fact that they had been warned the craft wasn't safe and that there had been a large number of serious casualties) - the test flight was a great success - you should think we are very clever - this craft is great - hurry, buy your tickets here while they last?

And to continue the aviation analogy - what is the liability of the commercial airline which, knowing there is a chance of terrorist attack, fails to check the luggage as it is loaded which carries a bomb which explodes at take-off with serious casualties, especially to those passengers in economy class?

I think it is reasonable to guess that in the world of aviation, once the facts of the test flight and the commercial flight were made public, there would be intense investigation of the parties involved and that the institutions and individuals found to be responsible would be serverely penalised.


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