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Username: schnoerrer
Date/Time: Fri, August 24, 2001 at 7:03 PM GMT
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Subject: Aren't Those Who Predicted This .INFO Debacle Entitled To Future Decision Making Powers @ ICANN?


        The question is why ICANN would continue to employ those who have so thoroughly botched the new TLD rollout. 

Last year, there were those who warned about the very scenario currently playing out with .info and .biz.   Fraud, lawsuits, gambling, registrar abuses, etc. 

If I screwed up like that, at my job, I'd be fired, pronto.

We already know there is no accountability from the ICANN BoD, but aren't the underlings, within the ICANN Staff, responsible for this mess?  Why do they still have their jobs? 

Waving the "speculators are evil" flag, they opened the door for serious lawbreakers, thieves, bunko artists, trademark infringers, con-artists, and yes, true cybersquatters.  I'll also add they did it at a snail's pace, late at every juncture. 

So where is the accountability?  If this is such an "experiment", or "testbed", wouldn't those who predicted things accurately be considered viable candidates for inclusion within ICANN? 

Mr. Harvard McLaughin couldn't foresee what is now happening?  If he did, and did nothing, then that's tragic.  If he didn't forsee it, that's almost as tragic. 

Why does ICANN think that people who know lots of facts about PPP and ISPs are the best candidates to usher in new TLDs?  Does a Harvard degree give you job security, even if you feck up?


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