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Username: fred48
Date/Time: Sun, August 26, 2001 at 3:38 PM GMT
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Subject: What a bunch of bull


        Stop whining? You havent seen whining yet. Just wait till it gets properly investigated. You point to an example of and a couple others. Is this the one you checked out thoroughly? Was it so hard? Based on a logo design? And this negates the many hundreds and potentially thousands of clearly fraudulent registrations? Are you a comedian?

You said:

"Richy, stop your whining. I and everyone else, including yourself knew that there was NO guarantee that you would get the domains that you pre-reg for. Was this too difficult for you to comprehend?"

It was not difficult just merely impossible to believe that afilias themselves would set up such a process that would clearly lead to this scandal. It is afilias's policies that have led to the loss of our landrush. This was preventable by the registry themselves.  This wasnt Icann ending the extension or a change of dates, this was a sunrise policy for trademark holders that doesnt check trademarks! Of course people are gonna scam it. They have only a challenge process that doesnt encourage challenges because honest people have nothing to gain and only $75 to lose.

Who are you kidding here?

They should have held this special process after a landrush but then again you couldnt make as much money like that.

And not all generic names are trademarked (exactly). Are you deleberately trying to misinform?

Then you say:

"I call on everyone out there not to waste their time anymore and DO NOT submit to the - Lets NOT fulfill this guy's agenda of trying to list as many domains as he can."

Dream on. You are just pushing us harder. Buried in all the fraudulent registrations is a story of gross registrar based fraud, including regsitrar employee fraud. This will lead to more serious investigations. Who knows to what doorstep this will lead?

http://www.theinternetchallenge is a great service.

Affilias be commended? Are you nuts? We shouldnt even be here discussing this!  If they would have just either done this properly ie checking the validity of tms regardless of the cost before issuing registrations or at the very least run the tm registration numbers through the main databases or be responsible and have the special wipo process after landrush, all would be fine.

But instead they run a trademark sunrise where trademarks are not checked and the only way to challenge this fraud encouragement is by outlayying almost $300? You must be a comedian. Just not a very good one.

You better belive that the uncovering of names and submitting them to sites like theinternetchallenge and to news sites and investigative tv shows is every honest persons agenda.

You aint seen nothing yet.



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