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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, August 26, 2001 at 10:56 PM GMT
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Dear Vint, Stuart, Dan, Heather and Roland,

Please understand that writers like me who feel completely ripped-off by the events of the Afilias .info roll-out, have no option other than to continue writing to you, as long as you continue to do nothing to reach an equitable solution for the Landrush applicants.

Unless you advise of the postponement of the Landrush phase until the
integrity of the .info registry is restored, or the adoption of the
widely supported Simple Solution, I will assume that you plan to
effectively purge my and every other Landrush applicant's Landrush
applications for those names which have been fraudulently registered
during Sunrise.

If you take my money and give me nothing but grief, then all I can do is assist in the collection of evidence against you in order that those who will take up the examination / investigation of the Afilias fiasco will be able to move quickly and effectively in your prosecution.

There is still time to establish an equitable solution for the Landrush applicants.  Please waste no time in announcing that Afilias is responsive and responsible and acknowledging their ethical obligations to the Landrush applicants.

Please advise me of receipt of this mail and advise what you personally are doing to assist the Landrush applicants.

Thank you.
John Byth


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