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Username: challenge
Date/Time: Mon, August 27, 2001 at 4:37 PM GMT
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Subject: It's not over yet (ends at 8PM EST)


        Let's hope the cheats are not preparing some last minute blitz. Irregardless what's left is 2nd and 3rd tier names at best.

I think LandRush will be a joke. Anxiously waiting for LandRush-2, however I have a strong feeling the odds are still heavily stacked against bonafide pre-registrations.

My guess is some registrars (or their employees) are salivating over the prospects of getting their hands on the recovered names. This time they will use their insider edge and it will be quite impossible to uncover their handy work.

With regards to those registrars that are accepting or have accepted fees for names that have already been registered, ICANN must force them to refund all that money unless they want to add CONDONING OUTRIGHT THEFT to their impressive repertoire of achievements.


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