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Username: dtobias
Date/Time: Tue, August 28, 2001 at 11:40 AM GMT
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Subject: Alternate roots


Alternate roots, and their strident claims to "own" various TLDs because they set up unofficial namespaces using them somewhere, sometime, before ICANN approved them, don't impress me much.  Lots of people have set up "fake" domains on servers of their own, including many office LANs setting up private namespaces for their own internal use.  Any Windows user can even set up all the bogus domains he/she wants by editing the HOSTS file in the WINDOWS directory.  None of this grants any sort of intellectual property rights to the name, which you have made part of your private namespace but not part of the official namespace of the Internet, which, like it or not, is administered by ICANN.

I don't like the way ICANN is managed myself, but I don't try to pretend they don't really matter. If I did, I'd be like the various groups of wackos in Texas who have proclaimed themselves to be the rightful government of the Republic of Texas, made various historical arguments to the effect that the admission of Texas to statehood in the 1800s was legally invalid and hence didn't really happen, and thus the state government of Texas should be ignored as a nonexistent entity. In practice, those groups have actually spent much of their time and effort squabbling with the other alternative Republics of Texas (there are several such splinter groups), much like the alternative domain roots.  At some point, different groups had websites at,, and (and maybe some other variations), but I haven't checked them lately.

Link: Dan's Domain Site: Alternative Roots

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