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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Tue, August 28, 2001 at 12:15 AM GMT
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Subject: what appears as Afilias board fraud


Rachel, I don't how many such instances you have found for Govinda, or whether she would argue that they should have been entered as Registrar Reserves, however, I received the following response from Heather Carle in regard to a comment that I made in an open letter that I felt that Afilias and ICANN had permitted their accredited registrars to push themselves to the head of the cueue of fraudstars -

"Again, I will forward your note on. I have read your postings to ICANN Watch and and wanted to clarify one issue regarding registrar-reserved names. In reference to your post to
>>" can imagine the way we feel when we see the evidence of your - Afilias and ICANN's - promoting fraudulent Sunrise application through Afilias's Registrar Agreements.

Looks to me that your registrars were permitted to push themselves to the head of the queue of fraudulent applicants.

Our contract with ICANN allows Afilias-authorized registrars the opportunity to register up to 10 names that are current trademarks, trade names or service marks and that are currently owned by the registrar in either .COM or .NET. These names that have been reserve were hand verified at the registry, and are listed in our WHOIS as "Registrar-reserved.", to which you are referring in the above text, is an example of one of these names and thus, is not a fraudulent registration.

Best regards,

If Govinda's entries are not Registrar Reserve - thenI think your claim and feelings are correct.

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