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Username: dtobias
Date/Time: Wed, August 29, 2001 at 1:44 AM GMT
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Subject: Domain Names, Area Codes, and Alternate Roots


"What if the USA's FCC awarded another company several new area codes that duplicated Neustar/Neulevel/NANPA area codes?"

No, actually, the situation of the "alternate roots" is more like "What if some office PBX phone exchange configured itself to pretend it was at some nonexistent area code, and then got a few friends to program THEIR PBXes to recognize that unofficial area code too (while normal phone customers worldwide couldn't call that area code because it really didn't exist), and then the real official phone system decided to assign that area code to some location on the other side of the country, causing the handful of people who had configured the nonstandard area code to have a conflict.  Should the official system be constrained not to "conflict" with such unauthorized use of fake area codes?

The same is true about domains.  The fact that some bozo somewhere set up a server that pretended to recognize a .biz or .info domain, or any other string of characters, doesn't establish any claim to that string as part of the address space of the real Internet.


Link: Dan's Domain Site: Alternate Roots

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