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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Wed, August 29, 2001 at 10:50 PM GMT
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Subject: just when you think Afilias/ICANN couldn't pull any more


oinking* stunts - you find that -

(1) the .info Sunrise phase - which has given us the word - sunrise-squatters - (frauds and other fools who apparently include some Afilias and ICANN board member registrars prepared to break International Trademark Law and Afilias/ICANN regulations on the dubious practice of Registrar Reserve) - the pigs at the trough have extended chow time;

(2) you find another example of oinking*, in this case a registrar prepared to take USD$49 "to process" a Landrush application, I suspect for a name whether or not it has been taken in Sunrise - and get this - Domain Name says that

"If your .info name is not successfully registered, we will register an alternate name for you..."

This may in fact be a good deal - as let's face it - it is now apparent that the registrars have access to much better names than any of us who played by the rules and bought Landrush applications.

oinking* - A new word -  noun., pl.+s 1. a plan, process or outcome characterised by greed, malpractice and or incompetence, generally where one party is enriched, the other aggrieved: we can make this oinking appear legitimate and make the suckers bleed; 2. one who is unable to accept responsibility, who is unable to accept advice or able to see the error of their ways; oinker, oinkster, oinkee, oinked


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