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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Wed, August 29, 2001 at 11:49 PM GMT
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Subject: checks and balances needed


Elvis, if you promise to sing "Jail House Rock" to the ICANN board - I will propose that ICANN's political masters act immediately to ensure that the apparent abuses of statutory authority and responsibility - what do they call that  - official corruption - we have witnessed during the Afilias .info rollout are not repeated - and that ICANN rather than being a registrar's club whose actions and lack of actions of late indicate that its prime motives are the enrichment of its registrar members whatever the cost to the Internet community, ICANN is instead made a true representative body of the Internet community consisting of those registrars who receive the domain name buying public's certificate of approval for ethical business practice, and an equal number of the interested general public, and an equal number of the domain name buying members of the Internet community.

We have to look beyond the conclusion of this sad Afilias .info affair so that there is never a repeat of the fiasco which is apparently - judging by the silence from ICANN -ICANN sanctioned.  Why should we be surprised - they are effectively - one and the same.

Unless there are checks and balances introduced by way of new members to the ICANN board, and new criteria imposed for the selection of the Registrar members - like, only those registrars who have demonstrated their ethical conduct over a period of say three years, and have the support of the domain name buying Internet community may ever have a place on the board, then who is to say at some time we won't have another Afilias 2.

singsing Elvis



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