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Username: IncompetentAfilias
Date/Time: Thu, August 30, 2001 at 2:43 AM GMT
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Subject: DomeBase Propsal B --- Suggestion...



I like the spirit of your proposal, Domebase. However, if the authorized registrars of .INFO are permitted to handle the LandRush II pre-registrations, as it has been said before, this will only lead to closed lists by these registrars --- for their employees and families.

-------> WHY would a registrar want to waste its time trying to secure one of these 1,000+ .INFO domains for their customers for a SMALL profit - when many of these domains are worth over $100,000.
(Also, witness the track record of Afilias' accredited registrars during the Sunrise period - emailing clients encouraging them to register without TMs, and also registering/"register reserving" domains themselves. These are the folks we are suppose to TRUST during LANDRUSH II?? God help us all...)

Afilias may have to handle the pre-registration system itself for LandRush II to insure its TRUSTWORTHY registrars do not take advantage of it, and therefore further tarnishing .INFO's fragile reputation. I do think some sort of 'lottery' system is the fairest system for all individuals (and eliminates the registrars ability to take advantage of this Lucrative LandRush II), however, we will have to see how the .BIZ 'lottery' issue works out in the courts.

BUT alas, I have little faith in Afilias - Landrush II may be the biggest sham of them all...

I hope we can indeed have that party, Domebase :)

- IncompetentAfilias


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