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Username: dtobias
Date/Time: Thu, August 30, 2001 at 12:12 AM GMT
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Subject: Country names


I respectfully disagree.  Plenty of sites use the names of countries, states, and cities in a perfectly reasonable way for sites that discuss that locality (either commercial or noncommercial).  It's a very contentious issue whether the governments involved have the right to force the transfer of those domains -- an ICANN UDRP case awarded "" to the city government, but this case is widely regarded as one where the panelist grossly violated the policy which should not have permitted such a transfer where the domain had been used for a perfectly legitimate site.  The case is in U.S. courts now.  Meanwhile, the government of South Africa have given up in their attempts to force the transfer of  Governments have proper places for their official sites within the appropriate country code domains, like for South Africa.  They have no special claim to "their name" in all other TLDs, especially ones that are intended for commercial entities like .com and .biz.  They do have as much right as any other landrush participant to try to get their name in .info, and as much right as anybody to object to fraudulent sunrise applications by others not possessing trademark rights, but unless they own trademark rights to their locality name (which is illegal in most countries which bar geographical names from trademark protection) they do not have pre-emptive rights over the name.
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