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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Thu, August 30, 2001 at 5:37 PM GMT
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Subject: frivolous challenges


                Dear Paul:

I address difficult registrar reserve issue in nearby post.  For your second issue...

"6c) is not feasible. This is because... ... 2)There will be numerous frivolous challenges against legitimately (by ICANN's definition but not mine!) registered would be an administrative nightmare!"
Do you agree that there would be few frivolous challenges at a cost of $295 per challenge?  Do you agree that there would be many frivolous challenges at a cost of $0 per challenge?  If you are to both of these -- then would you agree that there is some dollar amount greater than $0 and less than $295 which would properly balances incentives?
As for administrative nightmares... I think we are headed for one with the status quo.  Afilias trying to sort through names to figure out which ones to challenge without challenging too many ($ and getting legit TM holders upset) or too few.  Registrars trying to figure out how to answer irate Land Rush applicants who paid money for names that were taken by sunrise squatters... even, I have heard, sometimes paying that money after the sunrise squatter registration was done due to WHOIS fluctuations... etc.

Just my two cents, Thanks for the post!


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