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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Thu, August 30, 2001 at 9:30 PM GMT
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Subject: If IPC recommendations were followed, we would not have this mess


        I just found the following at the IPC Constituency website.  Now this is really interesting.  Some of you may think that no good can come from trademark lawyers... but... as best I can tell, if the following two recommendations of the IPC had been followed during Sunrise and implemented now... the Sunrise Mess would either never have happened or would evaporate now!  Check this out...


"Sunrise Proposal Plus Twenty:

"B. The domain name registrant must affirmatively check off a box on
the Application Template stating that it has a valid national mark
registration that issued at least one (1) year prior to its application for registration as a domain name."

[I do not think this was done]

"E. ...registrars would be obligated to promptly "take down" any domain name registered by anyone not eligible to register domain names during the Sunrise Period once that fact was called to their attention."

[If this were done, the mess would evaporate.  Why is it not being done?  Even trademark folks suggest it?  For my two cents, they should.  Letting this mess drag on jepardizes the potential for future sunrise periods.]


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