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Username: badregistrars
Date/Time: Fri, August 31, 2001 at 5:02 AM GMT
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Subject: NOT REALLY.


        ITEM B: Most registrar probably have this as part of their registration agreement.  Registrants have to 'agree' to these terms before proceeding with the registration.  Even if there is a 'check box' this does not prevent the cybersquatters from lying.

ITEM E: How is it possible to really enforce this?  What if somebody registered COMPUTERS.INFO and claims that they have a trademark in Zimbawe.  How in the world is the Registrar supposed to validate this if this registration is challenged? 

SUNRISE was crafted by the IPC in order to get an unfair advantage at registering domain names before anybody else.  Why should trademark owners have first rights at any new TLD?  The introduction of new TLDs was to expand the domain space, not duplicate it.  Why should United Airlines be UNITED.SHOP, UNITED.KIDS, UNITED.SEX, UNITED.TLD?

Let's face it, SUNRISE has FAILED, look at the SUNRISE mess from .INFO



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