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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Fri, August 31, 2001 at 8:21 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: I do not wish to rubbish your opinion but...


I will give it a go.

You can then rubbish my opinion ;-)

>Afilias no doubt will challenge facially defective registrations...

Only because of actions, like those of the good people on this forum - who raised the alarm about the corruption.

>That's the easy part and will make for great PR.

That is called - trying to save face.

>the domains should be returned to the public pool and I expect most, if not all, will.

The corrupt people running the system will earmark the very best ones for themselves and return the second bests for landrush number 2. Squeezing even more corporate profits from the very same domain names.

>It cleverly appears, in a sense, to have extended the sunrise period protections for legit trademark holders with the pretenders/squatters acting as place-holders for them.

I am very perceptive and can tell - You are Afilias Public Relations Officer aren't you?

>It's the more inventive registrations involving allegedly make-believe trademarks in banana republics that will be very tough to ferret out.

If you cannot check registrations - what is the blinking point of having a Sunrise Period then? - other than propaganda.

>Could Afilias and certain Registrars have done more to prevent many of the facially defective applications from reaching registration?....would seem so...

Under-statement of the year - why no simple check on trademark versus domain? - why no simple check on trademark date?


>however eventually those who submitted facially defective applications on purpose are going to be the real losers.

No - sorry, but I do not think you understand, at all.

The real losers - are the ones that have been ripped off by the fraud.

Most in Sunrise and every single one of those in Landrush.

The ultimate losers? Every one of us that have been lied to.

>I'm not losing any sleep over it.

No - I really do not suppose you are.

Ignorance is bliss.

Your turn Vera :-)


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