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Username: psbyowner
Date/Time: Fri, August 31, 2001 at 4:19 PM GMT
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Subject: Thank you for spending thought on this issue...


      The law seems really foggy about these "social" web issues we have discussed, and clarification needs to made by commentary; namely in an adaptive manner that stays in line with logic and avoids hurting the many for the benefit of the few...

My main concern is gov attitudes towards the free enterprise system, and the gov interventions into a natural environment, or "the wild".

Historically, our gov has dealt harshly with entities that have existed on this soil; look at the Indians, African Americans, Chinese, so many others...

I dont want this same gov to think it can take the same "attitude" towards the internet as it has towards "outside" social groups; such as many of the opinions expressed on this forum.

The internet, like a free press, belongs to NO ONE and should remain a free medium with as little gov regulation as possible...

This is the essence of democracy.


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