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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Fri, August 31, 2001 at 10:03 PM GMT
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Subject: Domebase is a voice of sanity


Why is the Afilias mechanism "superior to anything Domebase has to offer"?

Domebase has been a voice of sanity in the face of corporate greed.

"Money is more important than the way you treat people"...

The Landrush applicants have been cheated, and if Afilias just release the fraud names to everyone "sometime in the future" what did the Landrush applicants pay pre-registration for?

Afilias has presided over a system (their own system) which has defrauded ordinary people.

More than that, Afilias has been caught out committing fraud themselves (for example: and

And Domebase has presented perfectly workable solutions which would bring justice to all parties.

Afilias may have a financially "superior" strategy in their own interests, but it is outrageous, it is abusive, and it is perpetrated by a Board which has committed corrupt actions, defrauded people, lied, submitted fake details, and granted "hand-checked" (quote Heather Carle) favours to friendly registrars (eg "registrar reserved" for Signature Domains).

Call that "superior"?



Pathetic performance!

Pathetic company!



PS And Domebase isn't doing this for a penny - he's just a very decent person. Got it Afilias? Decent. Oops, sorry, maybe I'm not speaking your language - fuckwits       


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