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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Fri, August 31, 2001 at 10:16 PM GMT
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Subject: Hi Paul, thanks for feedback, some comments


                "All you do is keep posting the same unworkable proposal over without any change and calling it 'revised'."

Response: A number of people have said that there are differences between the original DomeBase proposal and this one.  If many feel like you do I will be glad to cut down on my posts.  I have been active because I believe that this is a critical time window for constructive action before Land Rush... which will be closed in a manner of days.  A number of key folks have said that the proposal is interesting and some support it.  I am not sure why it would be unworkable... at least any more unworkable than what is currently unfolding.

"Afilias already has a mechanism (which we all agree is not perfect) in place which is superior to anything you have to offer."

Response: What mechanism are you refering to?  How it is superior in addressing, say, the concerns of those who pre-registered for the Land Rush period. 

"You have not been able to address the issue of closed registrar lists which will lead to an even worse fraud."

Response:  True. How would you address this issue?

"A mistake was made by Afilias in the way this sunrise was rolled out and there should not have even been a sunrise in the first place."

Response: These are two different statements.  The first is an empirical statement, the second is a conceptual one.  It is difficult to empirically evaluate the validity of the second statement given the first.  If you believe that any sunrise is a bad idea, you do not need any empirical evidence pro or con.  You should also oppose my proposal and bank on the whole sunrise mess blowing up and opinion turning against IP interests.  This will mean, though, that the Land Rush pre-registrants become the sacrificial lambs to achieve your policy objectives.

"What you don't seem to comprehend is that Afilias is a for-profit business. They do not want to (or be expected to) deal with all these administrative complications that will slow down the path for .info to
become a well recognized domain."

Response: If you look at my arguments for why Afilias should adopt the DomeBase proposal, you will see that they involve saving money (both challenge fees and admin costs) and avoiding headache.  These are both objectives which a for-profit organization would value.  I may be dense in many ways, but I think I do comprehend that Afilias is a for-profit business.



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