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Username: onmove
Date/Time: Fri, August 31, 2001 at 11:53 PM GMT
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Subject: Afilias need to say something.........


     Just how serious is this closed lists issue?  I have checked the Websites of almost all Afilias authorized registrars.   Very small percentage of them are not accepting pre-registrations.   I feel this is a small issue in comparison to sunrise fraud.

However, submitting proposal after proposal is not going to make any difference if Afilias is unwilling to listen.  Original DomeBase proposal (based on crs idea) is workable and common sense approach.  If Afilias have something different in their mind then they should come out and give some indication of how they are going to deal with the issue.   I don't know about legal issues but Afilias have moral obligation towards pre-registrants.  In the absence of clarity from Afilias, just how registrars will handle hundreds of thousand of pre-registrations for the names which have been taken in sunrise period.  Are they supposed to hold back these registrations to be submitted later in so called landrush II or send all pre-registrations to Afilias and Afilias would maintain the database of unsuccessful pre-registrations?

If Afilias is not willing to spell out solution at this point of time, clarifying some of the issues would be helpful and allow for level playing field.  Otherwise, just imagin some registrars submitting purged lists and others submitting vast database of pre-registrations majority of which are for non-existent names.  In the round-robin, customers of later registrars will have their chances  vastly reduced.


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