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Username: psbyowner
Date/Time: Sat, September 1, 2001 at 5:08 PM GMT
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Subject: Lets all do business in good faith and avoid an investigation


There is some milking going on with .info domains by registrars and their "admin fees". I am not going to name any names (yet), but  I believe they know who they are (the registrar in question) because I believe they monitor this board. Unless I am treated fairly after all is said and done, I (and several others I have spoken to behind the scenes) will raise this issue, establish a consensus, and seek to initiate an investigation into (the registrar in question)'s business operations. Believe me, the press will undoubtedly be monitoring this board with all the excitement recently: They will assist us tremendously.

They (the registrar in question) have made at least $10 (doesn't sound like alot, but its the PRINCIPLE; and this total is only what I know of; it is probably much, much more when you consider other pre-reg suckers, oops I mean customers) that I know of by leading myself and another to believe the domain was still available. I was able to pre-reg it Aug 29 as was another person and we both got the letter: the domain was registered by someone else. However, there was another post stating how the name was taken as far back as July. This I believe is a form of fraud...

I have continued to pre-request from them and will continue to
conduct business with them. However, I will post in great detail
and with great vigor my experiences with (the regisrar in question) as to how they treat my requests and my business.

I am proceeding in good faith, and I would expect them to do the same.


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