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Username: WorldThoughts
Date/Time: Sat, September 1, 2001 at 10:18 PM GMT
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Subject: As I see it. . .


      As I see it, Stuart Lynn is hell-bent on making sure that the domain industry sees the introduction of new gTLDs at a snail's pace, and not because he is concerned with the stability of the Internet root. Professionals have illustrated that entering gTLDs cannot create instability any more than entering ccTLDs can. In fact, .info and .biz were entered in a single afternoon.
      Furthermore, ICANN should not be in the business to oversee the market impact, for that is not only well beyond their scope; it is also well beyond their expertise. I imagine that the market impact is far more complex than could ever be understood. Comprehensive analysis would require years of study and even then there would no doubt be varied interpretations of the data. Additionally, the impact on the domain market is not the only market that would be effected. Think of all the markets that operated online. They would all be effected as well, no doubt entering competition in a host of areas; industry, security, ebusiness, publishing, the arts, etc. Does anyone believe that it is either ICANN's place to make policy decisions that have such enormous impact on horizons well beyond both their scope and understanding. I am sorry, but ICANN was not established to have that kind of power.
     The DoC needs to step forward and require that ICANN include more attractive, meaningful gTLDs. The DoC needs to demand -- not request -- that ICANN open the Internet far more than it has. The deliberate slowness of expanding namespace is a sham, because it is due more to corrupt, monopolistic interests than legitimate concern for "Internet stability," whatever that might mean.
     The DoC needs to demand that ICANN allow non-Verisign, non-CORE, non-Tuscows players to enter the arena. The DoC needs to recognize that ICANN (particularly Stuart Lynn) is intentionally sabotaging the smoothness of the .info and .biz introduction by implimenting stupid procedures. Lynn insists that the problems themselves demonstrate that Sloooowness in the process is required. However, the problems were entirely predictable. I am sure that Lynn knew they would occur. In fact, I believe he wanted them to occur as they fuel his agenda to keep competition from the arena.
      And if I am wrong -- and Lynn is well-intentioned and was caught off guard by the current problems in rolling out .info and .biz -- then he should be dethroned for reasons of gross incompetence rather than gross corruption. No matter how you slice it, he has demonstrated that he doesn't deserve his post.
      To the DoC: Please do something already. Step in and shake things up and allow for fairness, decency and swiftness in the industry.



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