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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sat, September 1, 2001 at 10:18 PM GMT
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Subject: the three monkeys of the ICANN board


I regret that if their are ethical members of the current ICANN board - they have not been effective in the decision making of that august body as gauged by the fact we are now victims and sympathetic onlookers (in the main) of what is the greatest shame, sham, scam, down right orchestrated fraud the Internet may ever see.

Take an average Landrush John who pre-registered ten names, each with ten registrars, all of which names were taken by registrars and other Sunrise frauds prepared to break TM laws - now if - he gets refunds of pre-registration and in some cases full registration fees paid up front - minus the registrars admin charges - then Landrush John is out of pocket approximately USD$10 X 10 X 5 = USD$500.

That's a lot of money in my money and a bloody expensive lesson for having dealt with Mafilias and ICANN - the latter being the three monkeys of the Internet administration world - see nothing - hear nothing - say nothing.

The Internet community deserves better and the authorities owe it to the victims of Mafilias and the victims of the current ICANN board to ensure that there is never a repeat of the Mafilias affair - by attacking the problem at its root - and establishing ICANN board membership that will attend to the interests of the Internet community and not the business interests of the board members.

Changes to the constitution/membership of future ICANN boards will be topmost on the list of changes that will follow the investigation of this sad affair.

I heartily support your recommendation that there be at least one science and technology representative on furure ICANN boards as well as at least one lawyer, because I suspect we all know there are honest lawyers whose practice is based on protecting the small from the big.

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