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Username: kerry
Date/Time: Sat, September 1, 2001 at 11:32 PM GMT (Sat, September 1, 2001 at 4:32 PM PDT)
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Subject: Re: Treating people like shit


>>..."land rush II may offer the best chance at something approaching

>Why is that fair to the thousands of people who have already paid
>thousands of dollars for the Landrush I?

It's not (please re-read "approaching fairness").

>Why is that fairer than the Domebase solution?

It's not (please re-read "approaching fairness").

>Why is it fair to say to thousands of people, the money you spent is
>just being cancelled out, and we'll all start again, and maybe you'd
>like to pay all over again, and probably someone who never paid the
>first time will get it instead of you?

It's not (please re-read "approaching fairness")...

BTW, there *are* registrars that do not charge those fees.  Some only charge a registration fee if you get the name.  Your beef is with your registrar in this regard, not Afilias (see my other post in this thread).

>Why is it fair for a company like Afilias to preside over a complete
>shambles, have the means to redress it (Domebase), and then make the
>decent honest people who played fair be the ones who are the biggest

It's not (please re-read "approaching fairness").

Unbelievable - treating people like shit!

And you think that's fair?

No...but sorry, I don't believe the Domebase proposal is likely to fly, no matter how fair you might believe it to be.  I believe working towards an as-fair-as-possible land rush II is the best that can be hoped for at this time.



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