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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Sun, September 2, 2001 at 8:04 AM GMT
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Subject: Afilias has power to delete thousands of names


"And, as for the charging of pre-registration or "submit" fees, that is also something beyond the control of Afilias.  Anyone's beef in this regard should be directed toward the registrar in question, not Afilias.  Some registrars are charging those fees, some are not.  Perhaps, as I mentioned in another post, it's time to turn up the heat on those registrars that are guilty of taking pre-registration/submit fees for names that were taken during sunrise..."

So it's time to turn the heat (to use your phrase) on Hal Lubsen CEO of Afilias, whose company Domain Bank continued to charge pre-registration fees for names taken during sunrise throughout the entire Sunrise period. The day after sunrise ended Domain Bank was still saying names were "Available" even though they'd been taken as Trademark names.

Domain Bank were charging something for nothing... is that legal?

Any more legal than the Afilias Board member whose company gained and by faking the trademark numbers?

And should Afilias be condoned for failing to police its own system, accepting thousands of facially ineligible applications, then refusing to adopt workable solutions to resolve the situation?

At its very simplest : if customers paid pre-registration fees for through various registrars, does not Afilias have a TOTAL responsibility to DELETE the fraudulent claim made for its own Board Member, and to delete it NOW, so as to safeguard the money paid by customers for the chance to win it?

And this example can be reasserted for thousands of other names.

People's "beef" should indeed "be directed" towards Afilias!

They have the power (under their TLD agreement with ICANN) to delete any of these names, but they choose not to, and their failure to do so results in the defrauding of thousands of customers.

THAT'S why Afilias has clear responsibility and why they are a disgrace.

There may be a case against individual registrars (like Hal Lubsen) but it is Afilias who refuse to take steps to protect the integrity of their own Landrush system.

They could delete facially ineligible names. They could adopt "Domebase".

They do neither.

Their (lucrative) business strategy is more important than their customers.      


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