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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Sun, September 2, 2001 at 9:13 AM GMT
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Subject: Elvis - these are their War Crimes


Elvis, after the Cyber War, these are the war crimes that Afilias will answer for:

1. ICANN advises customers not to pay registrars for pre-registration. The registrars on the Afilias Board ignore ICANN guidelines and go ahead and charge customers nevertheless.

2. No procedures are set in place for vetting ineligible applications at Sunrise. Names are registered which are dated 2040, Trademark Numbered 11111111111 etc.

3. Afilias CEO Hal Lubsen's own company Domain Bank submits 100 names for William Lorenz, none of which have TM numbers. Hal Lubsen's company Afilias then registers these names. Both parties accept the money.

4. Afilias have the contractual right, granted by ICANN, to delete names at Afilias's discretion - and specifically where inaccurate details have been filed - but they refuse to do so.

5. They refuse to do so, even when requested to do so by the applicants themselves who seek to redress their errors.

6. According to Heather Carle of Afilias, "registrar reservations" are "hand-checked" but Afilias still reserves '' and '' for Signature Domains, '' and 'Webhosting' for, '' for Name Zero, '' for Name Engine, '' for Corporate Domains, '' for Board Member Govinda Leopold, and '' for Afilias CEO Hal Lubsen.

7. They refuse to delete these when challenged.

8. Afilias is presented with a workable solution, the Domebase solution, which would protect everyone's interests. They refuse to implement it.

9. Board members are involved in fraudulent claims themselves. Govinda Leopold's company, 1stDomainNet, is caught out filing fake trademark numbers for,, and

10. They refuse to delete these when challenged, even though the fraud denies paying customers access to these names at Landrush. The Board Members get in first by breaking their own rules.

11. Afilias continues to accept business from companies that have told customers they can break the Sunrise rules, and a company that filled in the false numbers for its customers hundreds of times, as well as filling in false numbers for its own claims.

12. Through the entire Sunrise period and beyond, DomainBank, the company of the Afilias CEO Hal Lubsen, continues to charge non-refundable fees for names which it says are "Available", even though they have been registered already.

13. Multiple applications are accepted and registered, from registrars in their own names and companies, even though these applications contravene the ICANN contract, and hundreds of them have false trademark details.

14. Afilias continue to do business with these companies, who remain 'accredited'.

No doubt more war-crimes will be submitted in due course.

I honestly think the Afilias Board would be wise to sue for peace, and adopt the Domebase proposal, because these are going to end up in the courts, guaranteed. Prosecutors are already working on them.


PS there is also the simple human issue of decency

How can you treat people like this?       


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