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Username: bhavin
Date/Time: Sun, September 2, 2001 at 9:31 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
Subject: Top .INFO Registrant has over 200 Trademarks from a small sample set


                It seems An Owner by the name Plankenstein owns trademarks in over 86 cities/countries/states and has registered them all in .info. Incidentally the same Registrant also owns 109 other generic nouns and 15 other verbs  in the generic .INFO name list. This makes a total of 210 generic .info names registered by Plankenstein

For the complete report compiled from checking over 94000 generic nouns, 15000 verbs and over 8000 major cities, check You can browse the registered names by Registrant and see all the Trademark information for each of these domains.

Next in the Hall of Fame is Another Company by the name which owns trademarks in over 53 cities/countries/states. This same company has also another 69 generic nouns and few verbs registered under their name.

Out of 660 names that I found registered in the country/city/state list i had collected over 274 have been registered by 7 people. Which is over 1/3rd of the names registered in geography have been trademarked by precisely 7 people. Over 330 names are registered between 17 people exact

The Top number of Registrations in all the categories have been done by the following people

Plankenstein has registered 86 locations, 109 nouns and 15 verbs has registered 53 locations, 69 nouns and 2 verbs
Peter Hoffman has registered 39 nouns and 12 verbs
Patrick Nobriga has almost every US State you can think of

I compiled a list of 94000 common nouns, 30000 commonly used verbs and over 8000 major countries, cities, states from around the world. This list was then arranged by the order of their frequency of usage in english. This was done using WordNet dictionary.

We than ran a Availbility Search on all these domains and for the ones which were not available we collected the trademark information. Mind you this was a compilation of the MOST generic words one could find in this namespace and the results were astonishing.

Over 33% (1/3rd) of the names were registered by atmost 5-15 Registrants. Over 50% of the generic names were Regsitered between less than 20 Registrants.

These and other reports are available at

Best Regards
Bhavin Turakhia


Link: Detailed Reports on .INFO Name Availability and SUNRISE Fraud

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