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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Sun, September 2, 2001 at 2:39 PM GMT
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Subject: DomeBase Proposal, Land Rush II, and Roles of Registrars/stry


        Dear Kerry

While the orginal DomeBase Proposal (like the Simple Solution) did not include a Land Rush II and, in my view, was simpler -- I think that the time window for adoption of the original DomeBase Proposal is almost closed.  Thus, the revised DomeBase proposal includes a Land Rush II.  I agree with you that adoption of the DomeBase Proposal will require action by registrars and that the mechanics of pre-registration fees and/or refunds focus on the registrar level, but I also agree with Rachel that it will take leadership/announcement from Afilias.  Right now there is no announcement at all about Land Rush II.  Registrars need to know what will happen to take the proper steps.  I think that the window on implementation of the revised DomeBase Proposal will close next week.  In fact, DomainDirect appears to be already giving Land Rush pre-registrants partial refunds.  If this means that the whole structure of pre-registration for the Land Rush (I) is being eroded, then this severely limits options. Does anyone know whether DomainDirect is keeping track of pre-registrations to preserve options after partial refunds?

P.S. Thanks Rachel for your kind words in earlier posts.  I have been working hard on this issue and have not been paid, but I am not a saint.  I am partly motivated by a desire to see what is right done, but I also have some pre-registrations in the Land Rush and thus have some selfish motivation as well.  :)  I have tried, however, to be objective in my analyzes (e.g. conservative estimates of bogus registrations) and balanced in my proposals (considering interests counter to my own).     



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