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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, September 2, 2001 at 10:46 PM GMT
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Subject: purge the frauds - not the Landrushers


Each day we get a better appreciation of the scale of the fraud overseen by Afilias and ICANN - and the days tick away until the start of the September 12 Landrush with the Afilias registry in tatters - a registry which is not much more than a record of those prepared to break TM laws and the guidelines governing registrar participation in the Sunrise phase.

At the time of writing, Afilias has yet to confirm that it has taken steps to protect the interests of the Landrush applicants.

In the absence of more information from Afilias, and given their shameful performance to date, Landrush applicants should expect Afilias to purge their applications for names which were fraudulently taken by others in Sunrise, and that each and every registrar with whom names were pre-registered will take administration fees from your refunds.

Without Afilias advice that Landrush is to be postponed until the integrity of the .info registry is re-established - or that a Landrush is to be conducted according to a Dombase style proposal - we have to assume that Afilias and ICANN just want the honest Landrushers to f*ck-off and die.

I think all we can do at this stage is to bring pressure to bear on Afilias/ICANN to acknowledge their responsibilities to the Landrushers and make an announcement soon that our investments in time, energy and money will be rewarded with a the chance to win names that are currently registered to frauds - without us paying admin fees on purged applications and without us having to pay fees again for another Landrush or to do battle in a real time release of currently fraudulently registered names.

Those in ICANN and Afilias responsible for this fiasco (an extraordinarily lucrative fiasco for them) are not your average Jacks and Jills - so I don't know how effective appealing to them to make amends for what has happened to date will be.

A normal person would want to salvage something of their professional standing from this mess and make sure that errors weren't compounded - as will be the case if on September 12 the Landrush starts without participation of Landrush applications for Sunrise registered names.

However, personal emails to the major players requesting a public anouncement by Afilias indicating that the Landrushers have not wasted their time and money and that their Landrush pre-regsitrations will be effective in the running of Landrush may be about all can be done at this stage.

Seeking Afilias confirmation that Landrush applications for fraudulently registered names are being preserved and will have standing when the frauds are purged must be the highest priority at this late stage.

Next must be the lodging of as many complaints with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) at

Some of the forms are tedious - but hell - not half as bad as some of the registrar's forms you have completed.

To save some time when mailing the IFCC and the media, make certain you have already cut and pasted into a single document the URLs of the relevant web sites.

Maintain your rage!!


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