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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Tue, September 4, 2001 at 9:35 PM GMT
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Subject: A decent man treated with contempt by Hal Lubsen


It's also a complete indictment of Afilias that a man with this degree of courtesy and honest good will has been met with stony silence and a contemptuous refusal to answer his reasonable remarks.

What kind of shitty little individuals run this small-time scam, if they can't even communicate with decent people like Robert Connor of Domebase?

Who the hell do you think you are, and what right have you to run any business if you treat reasonable decent people like this with such disdainful silence?

Robert Connor has posed the urgent but restrained questions that obviously need SOME kind of answer (even if it's an answer he doesn't much want to hear).

But Hal Lubsen and his friends can't be fucked to give him even a one-line answer to his central quiet enquiry?

What does Afilias propose to do to safeguard the investments of time and money made by honest Landrush customers, which Afilias's mishandling and inaction are about to bring to nothing?









Respect for Robert Connor?


Answer his polite question, Hal Lubsen, you pathetic fuckwit. Your silence condemns you and shows you up for who you are.

Rachel Macgregor

PS On what grounds did you reckon you had the right to "register reserve" for one of your other interests?

PPS On what grounds did you submit over 100 "no Trademark" Sunrise applications for Mr William Lorenz through your company Domain Bank?

PPS How come, when Mr Lorenz asked for these names to be deleted, you would not delete them in your capacity as CEO of Afilias, even though your own fucking company had made the original mistake?

PPPS Did you receive payment for pre-registration for any of these popular domain names from other customers, and if so, will they be refunded?

PPPPS Why did you sanction "register reservations" like for signature domains? And grant registration of "Hawaii", "Maui" and GOVINDA" to your friend and Afilias Board colleague, Govinda Leopold, even though the Trademark details were forged? Are you aware that this is corporate fraud?

But most of all, just answer Mr Connor's polite and simple question.

What are you? So superior? So above everyone else? That you can just ignore even the most decent of people?

Hal Lubsen - your silence is pathetic.      


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