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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Tue, September 4, 2001 at 9:47 PM GMT
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Subject: crunch time


        Robert, all of us who have sought a fair deal for the Landrushers owe you a BIG thanks for your contributions these past weeks.

You have been a guiding light with your evolving solutions and wonderful website - and Afilias and ICANN can never say they weren't shown the way.

When I first started to see names for which I had bought many Landrush pre-registrations go in the Sunrise phase to apparent fraudsters, I thought that it was incompetence on the part of Afilias and ICANN.

I was furious that Afilias and ICANN with all their resources had got it wrong - so obviously wrong.

By the time that the last of the names at the top of my wish list had been taken, I had begun to think that the destruction of the .INFO registry by cybersquatters was not an accident because the powers that be in ICANN and Afilias have a wealth of experience and had many opportunities to settle on a rollout strategy that could have prevented the events we have seen and that had been foreseen - but they didn't.

I would love to be wrong - because I feel sick in my stomach as I write this - and will probably vomit if Landrush starts without an equitable solution in place for the Landrushers - but I feel that the principals behind the .INFO rollout are getting the launch they wanted - although I suspect they may have underestimated just how many frauds were prepared to join Sunrise and may have underestimated how bountiful Sunrise was going to be.

While I am sure that there are honest and ethical people within Afilias and ICANN, it is apparent through Afilias's failure to anounce an equitable solution for the Landrushers, an ICANN's three monkeys approach to this affair, that those in control at Afilias and ICANN don't want or don't see the need to meet the reasonable expectations of the Landrushers for an "all names in the barrell" Landrush draw.

If Afilias goes to Landrush without taking account of the Landrush applications for names apparently fraudulently taken in Sunrise, then my likening the operation of the current ICANN to that of the former (I hope) IOC where the principals treated the organisation as a tool for their own self-aggrandisement, unhindered by common notions of honesty, justice and accountability is supported.

Like you, all I wanted was a chance to play - on an even playing field with an unbiased referee.

Seems we have neither.

There is still a window of opportunity for Afilias and for the Landrushers, and if Afilias doesn't account for the Landrush applicants at Landrush, then I feel that the committees and courts that will judge the performance of the principals of Afilias and ICANN will have an unamimous opinion - that when faced with the alternative to conduct ethical business, or, betray the trust they were given, the principals of Afilias and ICANN chose to act in a selfserving manner, at great cost to the Internet community.

I don't mean to be a downer, I haven't given up the fight - I am still prepared to be surprised and delighted when Afilias announce that we are to get a fair deal.

Good luck Robert.  Thanks for your help.



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