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Username: jeweyjewman
Date/Time: Tue, September 4, 2001 at 10:20 PM GMT
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Subject: You Really Think ICANN Gives A Crap About A Handful Of Speculators Who Post Here?


                        As a matter of fact, ICANN looks upon speculators as the bottom of the cesspool, the dregs, the feces, etc.  The fact that a few speculators are upset about being screwed is satisfying to the Directors.  They have no sympathy for speculators.  They have no sympathy for regular netizens either. 

Give it up.  Don't wait for all those pirated generic names to fall back into the pool.  Even if they do, they'll be scooped up by insiders.  After all, they are valuable.  Just deal with it. 

ICANN has superb legal advice, so don't think you'll have any recourse in the courts ... even if you could afford it!

Take advantage of the cracks in the system ... there are plenty, and the registrars and Afilias obviously know it.  They're the first ones at the feeding trough!.

Domebase might have great ideas, but do you really think ICANN gives a shit about Domebase (or anybody else's solutions to the injustice)?
Ha ha ha!


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