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Username: richyhenderson
Date/Time: Tue, September 4, 2001 at 11:49 PM GMT
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Subject: Respectfully, I'd like to just correct the emphasis a little


The original purpose of was to be illustrative of the problem: NOT comprehensive.

You've got to bear in mind that at the outside the fraud issue was being marginalised (and I wouldn't want the scale of the fraud to be marginalised in this forum)

The 1900 names on the site are placed there to illustrate the NATURE of the problem, not the scale of it. For legal reasons I have not set out to suggest that all names on the list are fraudulent. Nevertheless I am happy to propose that the majority are.

The reason the names are added slowly is partly because I DO try to check them one by one, but mostly because I am a family man with a job to hold down. But slowly the number grows and grows.

At the present time I have a further 13000 names which I have still to check through.

I must have looked at this problem closer than most, and have expended many hours, and I am clear in my own mind that in the end there will between 4000 and 6000 fraudulent names which need challenging. However, this number does not take into account "hidden" fakes (who can check ALL the Trademark registries in the world - certainly not me) and it also does not take full account of foreign language generics.

I am in little hurry. I have the whole of the autumn (and a much relished holiday period) to work through THE WHOLE list, and I am convinced my little website may serve some useful purpose if, by the end of the challenge period, I am able to present to the public the majority of false names WHICH AFILIAS WILL HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO PERSONALLY CHALLENGE.

So I'm not in a hurry, see?

You misunderstand if you think the rate of additions to my list varies or dwindles. The bottom line is that ALL the fake names have been registered, and the speed with which I add them will not alter that.

I assure you I do not add names for "frivolous" purposes. There is nothing frivolous about the defrauding of innocent people. I have taken the line that the best thing is to be constructive. I have found a mixture of courtesy and indifference in my dealings with officials from Afilias and ICANN. I am confused that they rejected the Simple Solution (better known as Domebase).

But I've given up trying to be hostile about this. I just want to slowly and methodically carry on building up the picture. I receive between 25 and 50 e-mails a day from all over the world, listing names for investigation. I feel grateful for the trouble people have gone to and I hope even you will admit that the findings of these people have brought to light some breathtaking examples of fraud and deceit.

Please don't minimise the scale of this fraud.

1900 names on my list are only a fraction of the whole number. My personal belief is that there will be between 10% and 12% of all .info names that can be reasonably challenged because of clear and discernable fraud. In my opinion there are a further 10% of registered names that are "hidden" frauds that will probably not be challenged. In other words I believe the total fraud is around 20% of the total number .info registered. There could be even more. How would any of us know?

MUCH MORE SIGNIFICANT, as has been previously posted on this forum, is the fact that at least 75% of the most significant generic names have been falsely registered - and those names were the main names pre-registered honestly by landrush customers.

The real "justice" issue is probably this:
NOT what % of names were false
BUT what % of Landrush names were dishonestly stolen?

You'll find that figure is much higher - and THAT'S why people feel so understandably aggrieved. They've been virtually wiped out.

In a way, if 50% of all .info names were false it wouldn't make much more difference, because 25% probably weren't wanted by anyone anyway.

But anyway, www.theinternetchallenge will continue to step by step build up the whole picture. It will take time. But if it's of any use to anyone, fine. And once again, thank you, to the hundreds of people who have sent and continue to send in details.

And I'd specially like to express respect for direct-i and Bhavin who have done a very good job, and also of course the Domebase site.

I have tried to withdraw from this forum, because I just want to do the website job and keep going at that. But I felt I needed to correct the emphasis of the previous message. Goodnight! I'm off to bed! There IS a life beyond the computer and despite some bad people it can be a wonderful world. I have three beautiful children and if the growth of my site seems slow and gradual, it's because (to be honest) they come first.   


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