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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Wed, September 5, 2001 at 12:40 AM GMT
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Subject: Computer Filled in Bogus Trademark Information: First-Hand Account


                The following is an amazing first-hand account of someone who reports that the "computer" filled in bogus trademark information when they were filling out a Sunrise registration.  I appreciate the courage of the person who posted this message and gave permission to have it distributed to ICANN and others.  Thus, this post.

It boggles my mind that there was not sufficient programming skill and/or forethought to perform rudimentary checks on data fields for Sunrise registrations (e.g. date, trademark number as a number, no blanks, etc.), but that there was sufficient programming skill to provide computer-assisted fraud.

Can you imagine if people went to a CPA to have their taxes done   and the "computer" started filling in bogus numbers for deductions?
Can you imagine how the IRS would react if it found that 15% of taxpayers reported an identical amount of property taxes and charitable deductions (say $99,999)?  Can you imagine what would happen to the person who invented the software that filled in these blanks?

I am absolutely dumbfounded why key parties involved have not chosen to act on constructive solutions that would remedy this mess. Do they want to see where these "less-constructive" investigations lead?  I guess so.

P.S. I don't mind Slicer and Paul Gill and others.  I appeciate their challenging my facts and logic.  I do not want to get sloppy.   Also, it is well within their rights to encourage me and others to give up, or even to laugh at how miniscule my efforts are.  They may be right.  Or not.  We shall see.  There are examples in the past where people laughed prematurely at someone who appeared to be going down for good... only to find out that the person came back up :).  We shall see.

-------------------(post from Afternic Forum-------------------

8/21/01 01:41 PM EST

I have a "secret" (now revealed) involving the dot-info order
form which I was reluctant to share as I thought it may hurt
getting my hoped for .info name if it were made public.

However, in the interest of helping fight the .info fraud I am
revealing it now as to how [...] aided and abetted my false
TM registration of my one dot-info registration attempt!

I wanted to register my flagship dot-com name as a dot-info.
It has not been trademarked but I went to the .info order-form
to see if there was a way I could at least pre-reg it for the
time period after the TM's are done.

I started to fill out the order-form, hoping to see somewhere
in the order process that I could at least somehow reserve the
name for later registration.

First it asked for the date of the Trademark. Since I did not
have one I tried to skip over the date request and suddenly
it inserted a date all by itself which was the Oct 2000 cutoff
date for an existing TM to qualify. The order-form did this
false date insertion on its own!

Next, as I went thru the order-form it inserted a made-up
trademark number, even though not intended by me. That was
done by their computer automatically and amazingly inserting
on my behalf a US Trademark Number (assumed to be a false
number) on the line where they ask for the actual TM Number.
Again, I did not do that, the computer did it by itself!

Finally I decided that since their computer inserted this
false info, in particular a made-up TM Number all by itself
they must be openly inviting false registration or perhaps
they had changed the rules, therefore I went ahead and
submitted the registration.

That is something in retrospect I probably should not have
done, though I believe most everyone would have submitted it
under those circumstances, what with the made-up automatic TM
data entries done by the [...] computer.

With their computer programmed to actually aid the user in
reging a false trademark is it any wonder all this fraud
happened? I am sure the false insertions done by the [...]
computer also happened to many others, though many users
submitted false TM information on their own.


As a side note, today I checked the Afilias Whois
( and my name did in fact somehow go thru
though it is marked as being on-locked status, with no
explanation given as to why or what it means.

P.S. If anyone wants to send this AN Post to Mr. Lynn the Pres
of ICANN, or The US Dept of Commerce for investigation of the
huge [...] fraud they are invited to do so.



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