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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Wed, September 5, 2001 at 2:14 PM GMT
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Subject: At least Antipodes is saying the things that are true


Yeah but the major issue in this shambles is the continuing injustice suffered by honest Landrush customers as a result of cheats and the mind-boggling incompetence of Afilias.

Antipodes has battled faithfully in the cause of these people. He has tried reason. He has tried aggression. He's done what's right.

He's quite right to note that some contributors to this forum have tried to underplay the seriousness of what Afilias has done, tried to scale down the nature of the problem, and directly or indirectly set out to undermine the honest arguments of people like Antipodes.

I accept that people have the right to play that game in an open forum, but I expect half of them are plants...

And if I had the choice of the courageous combative campaigning of Antipodes OR the insidious negativism of his critics -

Well... who's going to put the Landrush victims case better?

Ha! It's pretty obvious it's not going to be the stooges!

Well done Antipodes - keep giving them hell.

(Unless Afilias are prepared to revisit your patient reasoned correspondence of earlier on...)

It's Afilias's negligence that is the problem - and stooges who ameliorate that fact don't help one little bit.

Antipodes is right - so what the hell do I care what you say if you can't support his true and valid points.

Go play with yourselves somewhere else - little men like you make me sick... no balls, no fighting spirit... go fuck yourself, no-one else will

To everyone who's REALLY trying to make a serious point to Afilias: thank you and keep up your spirits - as Domebase said, it ain't over til it's over, and frankly they haven't got a clue what's still to come.




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