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Username: Paul Gill
Date/Time: Wed, September 5, 2001 at 10:03 PM GMT
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Subject: You Cannot


  Rachel and Antipodes you cannot even appreciate an ICANN accredited registrar like IDR doing the right thing and giving credits for names pre-registered that were taken during sunrise. All you can do is yell out insults to people like myself who do not agree with you and say they were 'planted' on this forum. I am actually doing people like you a favour by pointing out flaws in your reasoning so that you can strenghten your case to ICANN/Afilias (I too spent several hundred of my hard earned dollars pre-registering .info names back in May and continue to pre-register .info names for September 12 land rush). People like DomeBase can understand that and remain professional when there ideas are criticized. Even though I do not endorse his proposal, I have to say he is a class act. Because of people like you, is it any wonder the powers that be do not listen. Remember, not that I think they pay much attention to this forum, Afilias and ICANN would chew apart anything you say a lot more than I ever have.    

Also everyone has been silent on what Bhavin's real motivations are (unlike DomeBase who has come forward and said he is a land rush speculator). He owns and wants to sell spots in his land rush queue for $250 a pop. He makes the outrageous claim that half of all generic english words were taken by less than 20 registrants during sunrise. Yet no one questions this obviously fraudulent conclusion. Do you really think Afilias will take someone like this seriously? And if he is such a person of integrity, why has he reserved for himself (his company isn't even a shareholder in Afilias on top of it).


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