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Username: challenge
Date/Time: Thu, September 6, 2001 at 12:01 AM GMT
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Subject: How about you?


       What exactly are your motivations? I see you have developed into the "ultimate critic", however you do nothing but sit on the fence. You believe that ICANN and Afilias are organizations run by geniuses with armies of lawyers and strategic tacticians when in reality they are nothing but symbols of ineptitude being managed by marketing and political types.

Make no mistake about it, what has transpired with the .info fiasco will go down in history as the beginning of the end for ICANN as it stands today.

I believe the comments made by Rachel and Antipodes were just reactions to the realization that the purging of the queues is a foregone conclusion. Quite a few people including myself had the strong notion that LandRush-2 was going to be a brand new game. In absence of Afilias making any public statements on the matter some thought that they might at least consider this aspect of the "DomeBase" proposal.

You need to own up and belong to one of the groups of people that have a vested interest in this whole space, here are some definitions, tell us were you fit:
1. Accidental Cheat: a SunRise cheat who registered one or a couple of names knowing he/she wasn't supposed to but figured he/she is doing no harm.
2. Serial Cheat: we know who these are, too bad for them they didn't think about their registration details long enough.
3. Late Fraudster: a SunRise cheat who saw his LandRush chances turning into smoke and figured hey I will do a couple of SunRise fakes just to have something going.
4. LandRush Speculator: Almost everyone who pr-registered more than one name falls into this category.
5. LandRush Bystander: someone who was interested in a name or a theme that he/she intended to make good on developing it into something useful.
6. Sunrise TM holder: companies with brands that they wanted to protect.
7. Honest Registrar: the few that actually make money from registering domains and providing services.
8. Weasel Registrar: companies that started the Sunrise stampede with the hopes of hiding their own speculative interests.
9. Late registrars: those are the ones that took too long to build their pre-reg model only to find that yet once again they missed the boat.

Somewhere in here you belong, my feeling is that you are most likely a 3. It suits your character, you enjoy sitting on the fence and spitting both ways. if Afilias comes-through, you might score one of your long-gone prized names, if Afilias botches the whole thing up, you might get to keep those fraud registrations you did during Sunrise.

I could be wrong, but then I'm sure you will correct me shortly....

P.S. In case you are wondering, I am a speculator (4) who has lost a 4 figure sum courtesy of some of the aforementioned players.



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